Public Facility Fees

Public Facility Fees (PFF), also known as Development Impact Fees, are applied to Building Permits and used to build out Public Facilities in response to more development in a municipality. Public Facility Fees can be used to increase the service areas of and build additional fire stations, libraries, police stations, and community centers to address the need for new development. Public Facility Fees also can fund street improvements, traffic impacts, and environmental protections.


Fee Schedule

Public Facility Fees are listed in the City Fee Schedule. The Fee Schedule is updated annually as part of the annual budget process. For a list of current fees or to calculate PFF for a project:


PFF Nexus Study

Fees charged must have a direct connection to the use of the fee, referred to as a nexus. The PFF Nexus Study is a Fee Study to determine that the fee collected is the right amount for the City of Stockton. The Community Development Department has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the City of Stockton PFF Nexus Study to be performed by an unbiased third party. Timelines and dates for the PFF Nexus Study will be posted here and announced via our email list. 

  • View the bid for RFP for the PFF Nexus Study here: Bidflash Page

Please Contact Us for PFF Nexus Study questions.


Stockton Economic Stimulus Plan (SESP)

The SESP provides a fee reduction for some of the Public Facility Fees (PFF) for both single-family and multi-family residential projects in Stockton. 



A reduction of PFF up to a total of $19,997 or 100%, whichever is less, for single-family residential and $14,080 per unit for multi-family residential for these fee categories: city office space, libraries, fire stations, parks, community recreation centers, police stations, and street improvements.



A reduction of PFF up to 50% for Commercial and Industrial projects is to remain in place until the PFF Nexus Study is complete.  Eligible fee categories for reduction include city office space, libraries, fire stations, community recreation centers, police stations, and street improvements.



City Council Ordinances

The Stockton City Council approved the following legislation related to Public Facilities Fees:


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