Economic Development Department

The Economic Development Department strives to:

  • develop jobs by attracting new businesses to Stockton, 
  • maintain a healthy business environment for existing businesses, 
  • assist small business start-ups, and 
  • provide housing for low-income residents.  

The department also manages City assets and the Central Parking District and collaborates with outside agencies to support business development. 


CARES Act Programs

COVID-19 Essential Support Grant Program

Essential Support

This program provides emergency funding to families and individuals experiencing immediate economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 public health crisis, preventing households from being able to provide necessary provisions to their families or themselves.



Eligible households may receive assistance if there is a demonstrated or imminent need and if program funding is available.

One-time grant assistance of $1,000 will be provided to no more than two (2) adult income-eligible individuals per household, with a maximum household assistance of $2,000. 


Each applicant must submit their own application and documents demonstrating a reduction in income, due to any of the following:

  • job loss or reduced work hours
  • missing work due to a minor child's school closure
  • other similar causes
  • certification of no income


This program is funded by the City of Stockton and administered by El Concilio.  For questions or assistance, please contact El Concilio at (209) 644-2649 or email:



Temporary Outdoor Permits

To assist local restaurants and personal care services during the Local Emergency related to COVID-19, the City of Stockton will be offering Temporary Outdoor Permits for both dining and personal care services, such as hair salons, nail salons, barbershops, body waxing, and tattoo parlors.

For a link to applications and permit requirements, please visit the Community Development Department webpage.


Department Information and Programs 


Target Industries


External Links

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