Assistance for Businesses

If you are growing, expanding, or locating your business in Stockton, use the link below for a complete list of incentives, programs, and resources across all city departments. You can also take advantage of our Advantage Stockton website for data analytics about the city, including the new SizeUp tool for businesses. If you need any assistance with site selection, please contact the Economic Development Department. 


Opportunity for Contractors

To assist approved applicants under the Business Facade program, the City of Stockton maintains a courtesy list of approved general contractors with: 

  • Valid City of Stockton Business License
  • One of the following valid licenses:
    • Contractor's B License
    • C5 Framing and Rough Carpentry
    • C6 Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry
    • C17 Glazing Contractor
    • C23 Ornamental Metal
    • C29 Masonry
    • C33 Painting and Decorating
    • C35 Lathing and Plastering
    • C45 Signage
    • C54 Ceramic and Mosaic Tile
    • D03 Awnings
    • D41 Siding and Decking
    • D42 Sign Installation
    • D52 Window Coverings
  • Workers' Compensation Letter
  • Current Insurance Policy
  • Experience with prevailing wage requirements and reporting
  • Summary of experience with similar past projects

Approved contractors may also receive the opportunity to bid on other contracting opportunities.

Please submit your application to be on the City's courtesy list.


Financial Assistance

Stocked Full of Produce Grant Program

Storefront Beautification Micro Grant Program Brochure

The City’s Stocked Full of Produce Grant Program addresses food insecurity through grant funding to help with infrastructure upgrades to retail stores, to promote the sale and storage of healthier food options. Grants can be used for improvements, such as installing new refrigeration or shelving. Grant funds are available up to $10,000.


Eligible properties must be retail outlets such as corner stores or convenience stores, located within the City of Stockton limits and within one of the targeted areas according to the Stocked Full of Produce program map.

 Apply for a Stocked Full of Produce Grant


 Commercial Façade Improvement Forgivable Loan Program  

2012 Facade Brochure

In 2007, City Council approved revisions to the City's Commercial Loan Program to expand the program boundary beyond the downtown core and increase funding for commercial property owners.


The City offers a Façade Improvement Forgivable Loan to enhance the exterior of commercial, nonresidential properties (including nonprofit groups) located within Downtown, South Stockton, North Stockton, and Midtown.

Application fee: $525


Façade Improvement Forgivable Loan - Brochure

Façade Improvement Forgivable Loan - Guidelines

   Design Review:  BrochureGuidelines, and Application


Apply for a Facade Improvement Forgivable Loan


Fee Deferral Programs

Non-Residential Fee Deferral Program 

Fee Deferral Program Brochure

To stimulate economic development within the City of Stockton, the City Council adopted a fee deferral program for commercial and industrial buildings.


Rather than paying development fees when a building permit is issued, the developer of a qualified non-residential project may elect to defer a portion of those fees.






Short-term Non-residential Public Facilities Fee and Mitigation Fee Deferral Program

Short-term Fee Deferral Brochure

This program provides short-term relief from upfront development costs, specifically impact fees, until construction has been completed and the building is ready to occupy. Rather than paying development impact fees when a building permit is issued, a developer with a qualified non-residential project may elect to defer payment of such fees, with the exception of certain “pass-through” fees.


New non-residential construction projects may defer eligible fees until:

                • the first certificate of occupancy, whether temporary or final, or
                • two years from the first building permit issuance, whichever is less.


A request for short-term deferral of eligible fees for new non-residential construction projects must be submitted in writing to the Economic Development Department. If the project is deemed eligible, a fee deferral agreement must be executed between the applicant and City prior to the issue of the building permit. This program becomes effective March 25, 2017, and has been extended by the Stockton City Council through December 31, 2027.



Public Facilities Fee Exemption Programs

The City of Stockton provides fee exemptions for qualifying residential developments within Stockton city limits. Eligible development projects will receive an exemption for the following Public Facilities Fees (PFF) categories:

  • City Office Space
  • Libraries
  • Fire Stations
  • Parkland
  • Community Recreation Centers
  • Police Stations
  • Street Improvements

The PFF Exemption Programs will sunset once the City conducts the Master Infrastructure Plans and PFF Nexus Study.


Greater Downtown Stockton Residential Development Public Facilities Exemption

The Greater Downtown Stockton Residential Development Public Facilities Fees Exemption Program provides a waiver for certain PFFs (listed above) for all new residential development within the Greater Downtown Stockton area (see map below).


City-Wide Affordable Housing Development Public Facilities Fee Exemption

The City-Wide Affordable Housing Development Public Facilities Fees Exemption Program provides an exemption for certain PFFs (listed above) for new affordable housing developments throughout the city, which are located within city limits (see map below).


Public Facilities Fees Exemption Program Documents 


For other developments that do not fall under the project scopes listed above, the City's Stockton Economic Stimulus Plan (SESP) provides a fee reduction for single-family and multi-family residential projects and a 50% fee reduction for commercial and industrial projects within city limits. Restrictions and requirements apply.

The SESP Program will expire when the City completes the Master Infrastructure Plans and PFF Nexus Study and the new fees are in effect, in approximately 2021. For more information, visit the Stockton Economic Stimulus Plan webpage.


To learn more about any program or for an application by mail, please contact the Economic Development Department.


External Links

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