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Stocked Full of Product Grant Program Department: Economic Development

A new opportunity is now available through the City of Stockton Economic Development Department, the Stocked Full of Produce Grant Program. This program offers retail stores grant funding of up to $10,000 to assist with upgrades needed to promote the sale and storage of healthy food options. These grants can be used to make improvements to stores such as the installation of new refrigeration or shelving. Eligible properties must be retail outlets, such as corner or convenience stores, and must be located within areas designated as “Food Deserts.”

Many families rely heavily on neighborhood small, local convenience stores for food purchases, because they live in areas without easy access to other options, for example, supermarkets or farmers markets. These urban areas, where it is often difficult or impossible to purchase affordable healthy and good quality food, are referred to as “Food Deserts.” Families who live in these areas often lack transportation or resources and do not have access to a reliable supply or quantity of affordable and nutritious foods, which can result in what is known as food insecurity.

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