Contracts & Purchasing

The Procurement Division of the Administrative Services Department purchases all supplies and services for the efficient operation of City departments and fosters good business relationships between suppliers and the City.

Purchases are made under the authority granted in the City Charter. Competitive bids are solicited and not subject to negotiations. Awards are made to the best regular responsible bidder meeting specifications and on the basis of the lowest ultimate cost to the City.

Local Business

Local businesses are an important part of a competitive bid process. The City takes steps to maximize the use of local business enterprises in purchasing and contracting activities by providing information about the City's procurement process and procedures.

In 2021, the City of Stockton implemented the Vendor Self-Service portal to better serve vendors conducting business with the City. For more information or to register please review the below information. Contact the Procurement team by phone at (209) 937-8357 or email if you have questions or need additional support.

Vendor Self-Service Portal
Registration Information for New Vendors

The Vendor List was updated on January 30, 2024. If your company is not listed, please follow the New Vendor Registration Guide steps to register with the Vendor Self-Service (VSS) portal.

To register, visit the Vendor Self-Service portal. PINs may take up to 24 hours to generate.

Please take the VSS Vendor satisfaction survey.

Registration Information for Existing Vendors

The Vendor List was updated on January 30, 2024. If your company name is listed, please follow the Active Vendor Registration Guide instructions to update your existing company profile with the Vendor Self-Service (VSS) portal.

Please take the VSS Vendor Satisfaction survey.
Bid Opportunities

The City of Stockton frequently issues requests for proposals and invitations to bid on opportunities to do business with the City. An email notification is sent when new opportunities are posted. To subscribe to email notifications, please visit Ask Stockton and enter your email address.

Bids are also advertised in The Stockton Record and available on City's Bid Flash page. You may subscribe to receive email notifications when new bid opportunities are published.

Please review the Stockton Municipal Code 3.68 for bidding, contract and purchasing procedures.


For all instances where vendor personnel enter City property to repair, install, service, construct and consult, the City requires a certificate of insurance.

When insurance is required before issuing a purchase order, the City provides complete requirements to verify insurance coverage. For more information, please visit Risk Services.

Submitting Invoices

Invoices must be submitted to the City of Stockton via the VSS portal.

The VSS Invoice Guide provides step-by-step instructions to submit invoices.

Please contact the VSS team by phone at (209) 937-8357 or email if you have questions or need additional support.

Purchase Order Requirement

All purchases charged to the City of Stockton require a purchase order. If an individual calls and attempts to place an order without a City purchase order number, request an authorized purchase order number and obtain the name and department of the individual. The purchase order number is vital to doing business with the City and ensures payment.

There may be times during an emergency when an order must be placed after hours or on weekends when the Procurement Division is closed. During an emergency, purchases without purchase order numbers will be approved. Be sure to obtain the person's name and department and request identification if the order is placed in person. Department personnel are instructed to obtain a purchase order number from the Procurement Division the following business day. The employee who placed the order will contact you with an authorized purchase order number.

By providing any goods or performing any services in response to and referenced in the City's Purchase Order, the supplier/firm is specifically acknowledging the understanding and agreement to comply with and be bound by the City of Stockton's Terms of Purchase.

Notices About the Vendor Self-Service Portal
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