Zoning Update

The City uses zoning to implement its general plan's land uses and policies. Zoning comprises standards that regulate land use and design, such as where businesses can be located and building heights and setbacks. The zoning map visually represents the various zoning designations, such as commercial and residential. The City's zoning standards, also known as code, are in Title 16 (Development Code) of the Municipal Code, alongside subdivision and public improvement standards.

Currently, the City is undertaking several zoning and Development Code updates described below.

Industrial Warehouse Ordinance

At the December 12, 2023, City Council meeting, the Council adopted a Stockton Municipal Code (SMC) Title 16 Ordinance establishing new logistics warehouse development standards. These standards became effective on January 11, 2024.

The Community Development Department will explore six specific modifications to the Ordinance.  The City Council will consider potential amendments to the Ordinance by July 2024.  The six specific requested modifications are summarized below for consideration and are pending feasibility analysis. 

  1. Change Ordinance to apply on warehouses 400,000 square feet and greater, instead of 100,000 square feet and greater (SMC Section 16.80.390(A)).
  2. Change Ordinance to apply to annexation projects submitted after December 31, 2023 (SMC Section 16.80.390(A)).
  3. Adjustments to setback standards (SMC Section 16.80.390(B)(1)(a)).
  4. Clarification for solar installation (SMC Section16.80.390(B)(2)(f))
  5. Adjustments to truck charging requirements (SMC Section 16.80.390(B)(1)(k)).
  6. Adjustments to automobile charging requirements (SMC Section 16.80.390(B)(1)(I)).

A public workshop will be held for community participation, and a separate informational public workshop with the Planning Commission to discuss potential amendments.   The following is a schedule for the two workshops and tentative dates for the Planning Commission and City Council Hearing dates to consider amendments to the Title 16 Ordinance.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Thursday March 28, 2024, Planning Commission Informational Workshop (Informational Materials)
  • Thursday May 9, 2024, Planning Commission Hearing for consideration of proposed Amendment. (Informational Materials)
  • Tentative July 9, 2024, City Council Hearing for consideration of proposed Amendment.


Dates & Information

Development Code Overhaul -Shape Stockton  

Stockton is updating its Development Code and Design Guidelines to align with the General Plan, making zoning and design more user-friendly. The goal is to promote investment in Downtown and underserved areas, preserve neighborhood character, and improve community health and safety. More information on the effort can be found on the Community Development’s Shape Stockton Website.

Existing Documents

The City’s current zoning standards and map can be found at:

2022 Land Use Inconsistency Efforts (Completed)

In 2018, the City implemented a new General Plan. Over the next three years, the City Council approved several amendments to the City's General Plan Land Use Map, Citywide Zoning Map, and Development Code to ensure they aligned with the new plan, as required by State regulations. These changes impacted more than 4,000 properties, necessitating engagement between City staff and property owners. For further information and hearing materials related to the amendment efforts, please refer to the links below.

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