Stockton Economic Stimulus Plan

The SESP provides a fee reduction for some of the Public Facility Fees (PFF) for both single-family and multi-family residential projects in Stockton. 

A reduction of PFF up to a total of $19,997 or 100%, whichever is less, for single-family residential and $14,080 per unit for multi-family residential for these fee categories:

  • City Office Space
  • Libraries
  • Fire Stations
  • Parks
  • Community Recreation Centers
  • Police Stations
  • Street Improvements

Reduction applies to:

  1. Single-family residential permits issued citywide for builders who comply with terms of the program.
  2. Multi-family residential permits issued citywide for those builders who comply with terms of the program. For Multi-Family residential permits, local hire is not required.
  3. Only units within the existing City Limits as described in 2008 General Plan Settlement Agreement are eligible for the program.

To participate in the residential component of SESP, a developer must comply with the local hire and disadvantaged individual requirements and additional criteria as stated in Stockton Economic Stimulus Plan Brochure.

Stockton Economic Stimulus Plan Documents
Brochure, Resolutions and Other Documents
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