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Financial Assistance Grantees

Broken Windows Grant Program

The Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the Stockton Broken Window Grant Program announced a one-time funding allocation of $250,000 to ease the cost of replacing broken exterior windows of small business storefronts.

Eligible Stockton businesses may receive a one-time grant to alleviate the financial burden of replacing broken windows. The maximum grant amount is $800 per window, up to $2,000 per business location.

Broken Windows Grant Application- English

Broken Windows Grant Application - Español

Stocked Full of Produce Grant Program

The City’s Stocked Full of Produce Grant Program addresses food insecurity through grant funding to help with infrastructure upgrades to retail stores, to promote the sale and storage of healthier food options. Grants can be used for improvements, such as installing new refrigeration or shelving. Grant funds are available up to $15,000.

Eligible properties must be retail outlets such as corner stores or convenience stores, located within the City of Stockton limits and within one of the targeted areas according to the Stocked Full of Produce program map.

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Commercial Façade Improvement Forgivable Loan Program

The City offers a Façade Improvement Forgivable Loan to enhance the exterior of commercial, nonresidential properties (including nonprofit groups) to eliminate slum and blight in low- and moderate-income areas. Eligible improvements include exterior paint, awnings, windows, doors, lighting, siding, and other permanent fixtures that affixed to the building. Funds are provided in the form of a loan with a 6-year term and a lien placed on the property. Properties that are well-maintained and kept free of graffiti or other blight will have the principal and loan forgiven on an annual basis with the lien removed from the property at the end of the term.

Application fee: $525. Money order or check must be made payable to the City of Stockton and sent to the Economic Development Department.

Additional Resources: Design Review  BrochureGuidelines, and Application

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Commercial Lien Forgiveness Incentive Program

This incentive will allow forgiveness for certain liens imposed by the City for the public purpose of facilitating substantial investment, improvements and blight abatement to eligible properties.

To be considered the property must meet all the following:

  • Commercial property use
  • Liens must exceed $5,000
  • Applicant must provide a letter verifying financial need
  • Improvements to the property must further objectives in the Economic Development Strategic Plan, Urban Land Institute Report, Council goals, or other related City plans as well as bring site into compliance
  • Improvements will have significant effect on the neighborhood and encourage additional investment
  • Applicant must demonstrate ability to undertake and complete improvements
  • No Applicant is eligible who has caused, maintained, or allowed the violations, fines, fees or liens at the subject property

An application must be submitted to the Economic Development Department for review of eligibility. If eligible, the applicant will proceed to negotiations with City staff to determine the criteria for the project.  City Manager approval is then required; City Council approval is required when lien totals exceed the current Council limit.

Liens will only be forgiven if the improvements are completed upon City inspection and the property is maintained. If subject property meets all requirements listed within the agreement, at the end of a five-year monitoring period, the applicant may request the City remove the applicable lien from the property.

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