Sports Fields

Sports Field Rentals
The City of Stockton Community Services Department is committed to facilitating a fair and equitable field allocation process for all eligible field users and organizations. We do this by accepting field use applications on a quarterly basis for field use and hosting draft for tournament use in December.

Reserve sports fields and complexes for a variety of sporting activities, competitions, and tournaments at:

Sports and Fields Office
Stribley Community Center
1760 E. Sonora St., 95205; 937-5606.

Field Use Applications accepted on a quarterly basis in November, February, May, and August. Tournament applications and draft are held annually in December.

The field closure hotline is (209) 937-5606; it is updated by 3:00 p.m. on questionable weather days (rain or heat).

Rentals must be paid in full prior to the contract being issued.

Last Update : 06/19/2024, 10:34:49 AM