Debt and Investments

The Debt and Treasury unit of the Administrative Services Department is responsible for three main functions related to the City's financial management: Debt Management, Investment Management, and Cash Management.

IRMA Exception Letter 

By publicly posting the written disclosure contained in the link below, the City of Stockton intends market participants to receive and use it for purposes of the independent registered municipal advisor exemption to Rule 158 of the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding Registration of Municipal Advisors (SEC Municipal Advisor Rule).

Financial Management
Debt Management
Work with City departments in the issuance of new City debt including:

More information on the City's debt issuances is available on the Electric Municipal Market Access (EMMA) page.
Investment Management & Reports
Work with External Portfolio Manager on:

  • Investment strategy development
  • Trade execution
  • Credit review
  • Compliance activities
  • Investment Policy

Quarterly Investment Reports

2024 Monthly Investment Reports

2023 Monthly Investment Reports

These investment reports detail cash holdings invested for the City and holdings and transactions as required by California Government Code 53607 and 53646(2)(b) and City’s Investment Policy.
Cash Management

Oversees services including:

  • Cash flow/liquidity forecasting
  • City's relationships with various financial services providers
  • Development and implementation of citywide banking policies and services
  • Process debt payments
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