Office of the City Attorney

The City Attorney's Office provides professional, quality legal services that protect the interests of the City of Stockton, its departments, the City Council, and the citizens of the community. 

Functions of the City Attorney's Office include:

  • Providing legal advice to City Councilmembers, officials, boards, commissions, and City departments regarding legal and regulatory matters of concern to the City and its operations;
  • Working with other City departments and divisions on legal matters to defend the City from legal action(s) brought against it, initiating lawsuits, code enforcement compliance, collection of monies owed to the City, and eminent domain proceedings;
  • Drafting and reviews ordinances, resolutions, contracts, bonds, deeds, and other legal documents as requested by the City Council or other officials; and
  • Prosecuting violations of the Stockton Municipal Code.
City Attorneys

City Attorney

  • Lori M. Asuncion
Deputy City Attorneys

  • Taryn N. Jones
  • John Mulroy
  • Ryan J. Meyerhoff
  • Daisy Sanchez

Administrative Hearings

Pursuant to Stockton Municipal Code Chapter 1.44, the City Attorney's Office promulgates rules and procedures concerning the appointment of hearing officers, the administrative hearing process, and related matters. These policies may be amended from time to time by the City Attorney.

City Attorney Internships

Interns obtain practical legal experience in various areas of municipal law, including employment matters, civil litigation, prosecution of code violations, and advisory work. Assignments can include motion practice, discovery, legal research/writing, and court appearances (if properly certified).

An intern applicant must be a current law student at either an ABA- or CBA-accredited law school. Internships are unpaid but school credit may be available.

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