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On May 24, 2016, the Stockton City Council approved placing a one-quarter (1/4) cent sales tax on November 8, 2016, General Election ballot with a Council vote of 7 - 0 and adopted Resolution 2016-05-24-1602.  Minor amendments were made to define the incorporated area of the City of Stockton, the election date, and to correct the name of a state board that had changed, based on comments received from the California State Board of Equalization, and the Resolution was superseded by Resolution 2016-06-07-1212 on June 7, 2016.

Strong Communities was approved by voters November 8, 2016; it appeared on the ballot as Measure M. This one-quarter cent (0.25%) transaction and use tax (sales tax) went into effective April 1, 2017. Strong Communities was approved as a special tax that is dedicated to City of Stockton recreation and library programs, services, and facilities.

Strong Communities funds are restricted and are kept in a separate fund. These funds can only be used for City of Stockton recreation and library programs and services. Funding will be used for the following:

  • safe places for after-school programs for children and teens by extending the number of days and hours that community centers and libraries are open,
  • homework help centers and Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education,
  • storytimes, literacy, cultural and sports programs, classes, and facilities,
  • preserve and expand existing library and recreation programs,
  • re-open and upgrade facilities, services, and collections, and
  • extend services to under-served areas of the city.

Strong Communities Advisory Committee

Ordinance (2016-06-07-1212) was adopted to implement the increase in sales tax and establishes the requirement for a Citizens’ Advisory Committee. The ordinance requires the Committee to meet at least annually, and make recommendations regarding expenditures to the City Council.

Strong Communities Advisory Committee Members

The seven-member Committee is appointed by the City Council. Each Councilmember makes an appointment.  The Committee Members serve for a period of two-years.

For a current list of those serving, please see Boards & Commissions, Strong Communities Advisory Committee, Member Roster.

Committee Actions & Meetings

The Committee meets annually to review how much funding was generated by Strong Communities and how the funding was used. The Committee then makes recommendations to the Council and prepares an annual report for the City Council. 

All Committee meeting agendas and minutes are available on the City’s website.  All materials and reports provided to the Committee are attached to the meeting minutes. 

  • Committee Meeting Agendas/Minutes
    • Links to Board, Commission, and Committee agendas and minutes are listed alphabetically. Please scroll to Strong Communities Advisory Committee using the internal scrollbar.

Tax Expiration

Strong Communities is estimated to generate $9 million per year. It will be in effect for 16 years, until April 1, 2033.  It is not intended to replace funding already provided by the City.  Funding at a level at least equal to Fiscal Year 2014/15 will continue, absent another downturn in the economy.

Current Sales Tax Rate

The sales tax rate within the City of Stockton is 9%. Stockton’s sales tax includes the following:

  • State sales tax - 7.25%
  • San Joaquin County Transportation Infrastructure (Measure K) - .50% 
  • Stockton Safe Neighborhood Gang and Drug Prevention Police & Fire (Measure W) - .25% 
  • Law Enforcement, Crime Prevention, Essential City Services (Measure A) - .75% 
  • Strong Communities (Measure M) - .25%

Northeast Library and Community Center

This project is made possible through the Strong Communities Initiative. Community members have participated by sharing ideas and a vision for what this new community resource will include. For additional information, including conceptual drawings, please visit

Financial Reports

As a special, dedicated sales tax, Strong Communities proceeds will have an annual audit conducted by an independent firm of certified accountants. The independent annual audit includes financial activity and complies with the Strong Communities (Measure M) ballot language and the Advisory Committee’s charter and by-laws.

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    Year Ending June 30, 2023
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    Year Ending June 30, 2022
  • Measure M. Annual Audit - June 2021
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    Year Ending June 30, 2018

Annual Reports2 documents

  • Measure M Annual Report
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    FY 18/19
  • Measure M Annual Reports
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    FY 16/17 and FY 17/18
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