Opportunity Zones

Visit the Stockton Opportunity Zones Portal through Advantage Stockton for an interactive map of the 19 designated Opportunity Zones in Stockton and detailed demographic information for each one. 


To learn more about Opportunity Zones, the tax incentives, and the Stockton community, read our Stockton Opportunity Zones Prospectus.


Investment Opportunities

Stockton offers a wide range of investment opportunities, including expansive infill sites, shovel-ready planned development projects and growing or startup business opportunities detailed below. 


Real Estate – Industrial

Airpark 599 Business Park / Stockton Airport - South StocktonAirpark 599

The Assets

  • Airpark 599 is a collection of opportunities anchored by the adjacent Stockton Metropolitan Airport.
  • The Stockton Metropolitan Airport offers nonstop service to San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix and beginning in August 2019, Los Angeles. The Stockton Airport is planned to undergo $7 million of upgrades to expand its taxiway and services.

The Opportunities

  • Partner with Catellus to develop the master-planned business park with office, industrial, airport-related, retail and/or hospitality to catalyze burgeoning development in South Stockton.
  • Leverage large surrounding population and workforce, visitors coming to/from the Stockton Airport, as well as, the access to transport cargo via air carrier or the nearby highways.
  • Invest in Valley Airpool, the nation's first biofuel commuter air service between the Stockton and San Jose airports, making Bay Area jobs more accessible to valley residents and by making the valley more accessible and attractive to Bay Area companies to invest in.


NorCal Logistics Center - East Stockton

 Norcal Logistics

The Assets

  • 342-acre industrial park with direct access to Highway 99 and within close proximity to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe intermodal facility.
  • Fully entitled with permit-ready sites.
  • Within 3 miles of Stockton Metropolitan Airport.

The Opportunities

  • Partner with NorCal Logistics to develop up to 1.9 million square feet of industrial space.
  • Invest in new or expanding businesses looking for logistical warehouse space.


Urban Revitalization

Open Window Project (Phase I) - Downtown Stockton

 Open Window Project

The Assets

  • Master Development Plan between Open Window Project and City of Stockton envisions 1,400 new dwellings with retail, live/work lofts and workspaces on 51 parcels within fifteen square blocks.
  • Location in downtown with rich historic architecture, burgeoning art community, and a thriving entrepreneurial scene.
  • Rapidly growing small business hub with existing coworking and retail spaces nearby.

The Opportunity

  • Partner with The Open Window Project to redevelop existing buildings for mixed-income artist lofts and 92,000 of commercial space.


University Park - Midtown Stockton

University Park

The Assets

  • Pedestrian-friendly medical and education district with refurbished historic buildings and new construction.
  • Existing Master Development Plan (MDP) between the City of Stockton and California State University System.
  • MDP area includes California State University, Stanislaus-Stockton Center, Dignity Health Medical Group and Satellite Dialysis.
  • Professionally developed and managed by Grupe.

The Opportunity

  • Invest in businesses that complement the existing educational and medical uses or retail businesses that support the existing workforce.


North Shore - Downtown Waterfront

 North Shore

The Assets

  • The current General Plan envisions a live/work/play environment along the waterfront.
  • The existing neighborhood combines a unique proximity to downtown, historic architecture, and waterfront views.
  • Plans to extend the pedestrian promenade are in place in order to provide continuous walking and bike path along the water.
  • The City owns the highly visited, adjacent Stockton Arena, Stockton Ballpark and Downtown Marina.

The Opportunity

  • Redevelop the area to create mixed-use neighborhoods, recreation on the water, office/commercial, conference center, hotel, townhomes, studios and live/workspaces.


Airport Way Corridor - South Stockton

Airport Way Corridor

The Assets

  • Airport Way is a major commercial/industrial corridor between downtown Stockton and the Stockton Metropolitan Airport.
  • Vacant city-owned and privately-owned parcels are available for development.
  • Surrounding mixed uses include the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds and a large residential population with light and heavy industrial uses toward the Stockton Airport to the south.

The Opportunities

  • Invest in the development of commercial and administrative professional facilities to provide more opportunities for grocery stores and medical clinics, which are needed in this area.
  • Invest in new businesses or business expansions poised for growth in one of the city's major corridors.


Affordable Housing

Liberty Square - Downtown Stockton

 Liberty Square

The Assets

  • $31 million affordable housing development for veterans located along a regional bus route.
  • Located within close proximity to medical services and within five miles from the future site of the regional veteran's clinic.
  • Plans and permits are approved and $29 million in capital has been secured.

The Opportunity

  • Partner with Visionary Home Builders to rehabilitate and develop 74 units of affordable multifamily housing for veterans.


Grand View Village - Downtown Stockton Grand View Village

The Assets

  • $24 million development of 62 affordable units with an 11,000 square foot first-floor market.
  • The existing neighborhood includes the nationally recognized Stockton Collegiate International Schools, the Regal Cinemas City Centre, multiple major event venues and many local restaurants.
  • Located within three blocks of the San Joaquin RTD Transit Center.
  • Environmental review, site plans and development plans have been approved and $4 million of investment funds have been secured.

The Opportunities

  • Partner with Visionary Home Builders to complete rehabilitation and development of the 62-unit multifamily affordable housing development.
  • Invest in a grocery store or market for the first-floor retail space, which is needed in this area.


Windstone Village - South Stockton

Windstone Village

The Assets

  • Approximately 7.8 acres of vacant land zoned for residential.
  • The surrounding area includes the Maya Angelou Branch Library, two elementary schools, and the Kennedy Community Center.

The Opportunity

  • Partner with Visionary Home Builders for the development of affordable housing.


City-Owned Opportunity Sites

Waterfront Property - Downtown Waterfront 

 Waterfront Property

The Assets

  • City-owned 9.12-acre vacant parcel situated along the Stockton Channel.
  • Located in the Downtown Waterfront South Shore District with area uses including the Stockton Downtown Marina, future City Hall, Children's Museum of Stockton, and historic Waterfront Warehouse (renovated for commercial retail).
  • Property includes pedestrian promenade along the water, which is maintained by the City, and connects to the center of Downtown Stockton full of restaurants and entertainment venues.

The Opportunities

  • City is seeking development partner(s) for mixed-use development encompassing retail, office and/or market-rate residential.
  • The City is offering development incentives in addition to the land.


Arena Garage Retail Space - Downtown Waterfront 

Arena Garage

The Assets

  • City-owned, 15,000 square feet of new, divisible retail/commercial space on the first floor of the Stockton Arena Garage.
  • Space for multiple tenants to share resources and sell goods.

The Opportunities

  • The City is seeking tenant(s) for interior build-out and leasing of commercial space(s) for a restaurant, brewery and/or food hall.
  • Invest in start-ups and business expansions poised for growth by leveraging high foot traffic from major events and sports events at the adjacent Stockton Arena, Stockton Ballpark, and University Plaza Waterfront Hotel.


Historic City Hall - Downtown Stockton

Historic City Hall 

The Assets

  • City-owned, local- historic 72,000 square foot municipal building (with an option to include three adjacent City-owned buildings).
  • Primed for rehabilitation for adaptive reuse.
  • Located one block from the University Waterfront Hotel, Stockton Arena,, and Stockton Ballpark, which bring thousands of visitors from around the region for concerts, conventions, sports games, and public events.

The Opportunities

  • The City is seeking development partner(s) to create a new mixed-use facility in the rapidly growing small business, coworking and artist hub in the downtown core.
  • The City is offering three adjacent buildings for an additional 0.71 acres of land for development.


Innovation and Business Investment Opportunities 


Huddle Cowork - Downtown Stockton

Huddle Cowork is an innovation hub featuring co-working and event space for entrepreneurs of startup businesses located in and outside of Stockton. Memberships include office space, office equipment, premium WiFi and conference rooms. In 2017 Huddle began a 12-week intensive incubation program for early-stage startups providing access to advice from successful entrepreneurs and contacts to networks of seed-funding opportunities.


Cafe Coop - Downtown Stockton

Cafe Coop is a collective workspace and launchpad for ideas. Cafe Coop's philosophy is to create a better world through inspiring entrepreneurship, supporting the arts, fostering innovative ideas, and engaging with the community. Cafe Coop provides private workshop, collaborative spaces, membership packages, special events, resources and networking opportunities.


HATCH Workshop - Downtown Stockton

HATCH Workshop offers training and workshops in fine crafts and design for students and the community, while providing affordable live/work spaces and shop access for professional and emerging artists and makers. HATCH aims to stimulate and inspire the community through a connection to the arts, social entrepreneurship, and local commerce in Stockton.


ConSol USA, Inc. - To be determined

ConSol USA, Inc. will develop artificial-intelligence technology for the medical and financial sectors. It is a next-generation business process outsourcing (BPO) and technology company on a mission to recruit, up-skill and employ overlooked talent in meaningful, in-demand, technology-focused careers. ConSol aims to help its customers create sustainable impact while reducing administrative and operating costs, leading to increased performance.


Culinary Kitchen Incubator - Concept

The concept of a kitchen incubator has piqued the interest in both the community and with City officials. Fashioned after La Cocina in San Francisco, a kitchen incubator would provide affordable commercial kitchen space for low-income food entrepreneurs to assist with growing their businesses. Ideally, this program would provide technical assistance with educational programs to help the transition into the restaurant industry. A successful kitchen incubator could result in the creation of a Food Hall or Co-op where participants could sell their goods.


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