City Manager's Review Board


The City Manager's Review Board (CMRB) is an innovative approach to comprehensive public safety strategies and ensuring continuous improvement of community-police relations.

The Board has been established to pursue five (5) goals:

  1. Become proactive partners in community problem solving;
  2. Strengthen relationships of respect, cooperation, and trust within and between police and communities;
  3. Impact education, oversight, monitoring, hiring practices, and mutual accountability of Stockton Police Department and the community;
  4. Ensure fair, equitable, and courteous treatment for all; and
  5. Create methods to establish the public’s understanding of police policies and procedures, and recognition of exceptional services in an effort to foster support for the police.



The purpose of the CMRB is to support the City’s efforts to meet the five goals and support the City in its ongoing effort to collaboratively:

  • promote comprehensive public safety strategies;
  • build, enhance, and expand relationships with our diverse local communities; and
  • influence the acquisition and distribution of resources in support of this effort.

The CMRB will deliver information, analysis, advice, and recommendations to the City Manager in order to guide the ongoing, continuous improvement of community-police relations.


Role of Board Members

The CMRB will focus solely on the review and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data to ascertain actionable insights and the review of policies and practices, including, but not limited to:

  1. Citizen complaints
  2. Police Calls for Service
  3. Officer-involved shootings
  4. Use of Force
  5. Assaults on Officers
  6. Part 1 Crime Incidents
  7. Shootings
  8. Traffic stops (all)
  9. Community problem-oriented policing projects initiated
  10. Public appearances/community engagement projects


Meet the Board Members

Serving on the City Manager's Review Board requires a commitment of time, fairness, accountability, and attending regularly scheduled board meetings, which will occur at least quarterly.

The information discussed at the meetings is confidential and the City Manager serves as the spokesperson for the Board. All Board Members are asked to sign a Statement of Principles & Participation Agreement.


Meeting Minutes and Presentations

Wellbeing Focus Group

The Wellbeing Focus Group met on October 30, 2020.


For questions about the CMRB, please Contact Us.


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