Central Stockton Road Diet

Project Description

To broaden the City's bicycling network and encourage more to join our bicycling communities, the City is introducing the Central Stockton Road Diet Project. The plan includes placing new markings and stripes and creating Class II bike lanes on several streets in central Stockton.

Plans for bike lanes are proposed for three sections of roadway:  

 Road Diet Image
  1. Monte Diablo Ave., Picardy Dr., and Acacia St., in an east-west direction from Louis Park to N. California Street;
  2. Fremont St. between Baker St. and El Dorado St.; and
  3. Madison St. between Harding Wy. and Fremont St. 

The goal of this project is to provide a low-stress bicycling alternative to Harding Way. A map of the project area is provided below in the video and mailer. 

Project Benefits

Class II bike lanes offer the following benefits:

  • Provides bicyclists with their own lane for travel.
  • Improves safety for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers.
  • Slightly narrows travel lanes, which will calm traffic for all users and residents.
  • Maintains existing vehicle traffic capacity.

Virtual Open House

Comments from the Central Stockton Road Diet Virtual Open House are currently being reviewed by the Public Works Department. 

Last Update : 05/10/2024, 4:52:40 PM