NE Library & Community Center

Northeast Stockton Library & Community Center

The City of Stockton has issued a notice of suspension for the Northeast Stockton Library and Community Center located at 1461 Morada Lane, next to McNair High School at the corner of West Lane and Ronald McNair Way.

The Naming Committee will bring a recommendation forward as the project resumes. There is no estimated date at this time. 

Planning & Design

Planning and design efforts have been led by Arch Nexus, an award-winning architectural firm with demonstrated experience designing 21st-century libraries and community centers. The project includes both library and recreation facilities with ideas and needs identified by community members.  All design elements achieve LEED silver-level certification, maximizing natural light and environmental surroundings, creating an indoor/outdoor experience, and resulting in a low-impact design.

Virtual Groundbreaking

Community Meetings

Members of the community shared lots of great ideas in a number of community meetings over several months in 2019. The ideas for programs, services, and amenities were selected for the community, by the community -- children, teens, adults, and families. Through the use of pictures, interactive design displays, and creative ideas sessions, community members prioritized:

  • library and reading areas,
  • cafe and rooms for gatherings and meetings,
  • makers space with sewing machines,
  • culinary kitchen for teaching and learning job skills,
  • full-size gymnasium,
  • rock-climbing wall,
  • sports courts, such as basketball and pickleball,
  • lots of outdoor gathering & event space, and
  • a multi-use room suitable for hosting a preschool program and an outdoor playground designed especially for preschoolers.

Use the links below to see the new design come to life!

Plans & Renderings

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Groundbreaking & Construction

Project construction began March 30, 2021. The $14.5 million construction contract was approved by Stockton City Council on December 15, 2020, Agenda Item 14.4, with Patriot Contracting, Inc. The project was suspended in April 2023.


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