New City Hall

Future Site of City Hall

The New City Hall Renovations and Relocation project site is located at 501 and 509 W. Weber Ave., at the northwest corner of Weber Ave. and Lincoln St. The project will renovate two five-story buildings (one building includes a basement) and includes both on- and off-site improvements. When completed, the majority of City Departments currently in various buildings will relocate into the renovated buildings.   New City Hall Construction Photo 1


The buildings will be extensively renovated including complete interior tenant improvements and building services including:

  • interior metal wall framing, gypsum board, doors, and windows;
  • interior finishes, accessories, and signage, fireproofing;
  • modernization of the existing elevators;
  • new and renovated lighting systems;
  • fire alarm system, fire sprinkler, and fire suppression systems;
  • power systems, HVAC mechanical systems, and plumbing systems;
  • security systems, audio-visual systems, 
  • data and telecommunication systems, and
  • minor frontage modifications adjacent to the site and other on-site improvements.
  New City Hall Construction Photo 2

Construction Schedule
Construction is currently underway. It is anticipated that City employees will begin moving into the newly renovated buildings in 2024.

For additional information, please contact the City of Stockton Community Relations Officer.

Last Update : 01/05/2024, 5:44:00 PM