Industrial Pretreatment

Significant Industrial Users (SIU) must comply with the following requirements: 

  • Complete and submit a Wastewater Discharge Permit (Parts A & F) application or Special Application/Wastewater Discharge Permit (Parts A & B), if applicable, to assess pretreatment requirements for the industrial user.
  • Install a monitoring maintenance hole for use by City Environmental Compliance Officers.
  • Install wastewater monitoring equipment on site. This requirement is specific to each user, but most users install a wastewater flow meter with:
    • 24-hour circular recording chart
    • pH recording device with 24-hour circular recording chart
    • Refrigerated automatic wastewater sampler capable of collecting flow proportional samples
  • Install wastewater pretreatment equipment based on specific federal and/or local requirements.  Some industrial users install equipment to:
    • Remove solids, oil, grease, and heavy metals
    • Adjust pH
    • Address other general discharge prohibitions
  • Perform wastewater self-monitoring as required by the Wastewater Discharge Permit. Typical self-monitoring includes:
    • Flow measurement
    • pH recording
    • Sample collection
    • Analysis for pollutants such as BOD, TSS, and heavy metals
  • Provide self-monitoring reports to Environmental Compliance division, as required by Wastewater Discharge Permit.
  • Allow unannounced site inspections for pretreatment purposes.
  • Comply with specific discharge prohibitions as identified in the Stockton Municipal Code, Title 13 Public Services (see External Links below), including applicable categorical limits and local limits.
  • Refer to Council Resolution 02-0671 for Procedures for Transfer of Excess Capacity.
  • Refer to Stockton Municipal Code, Title 13 Public Services 

For more information or questions, please contact the Environmental Compliance Division.

Last Update : 05/08/2024, 10:53:01 AM